The company was founded on june 6th. 1925 by Adolfo Aires de Freitas Patrício and João de Deus Magno Gouveia.

With the constant growth in the volume of business, a large building was built in March 1948 at Rua Visconde de Anadia Nº. 34. It is the only building in Madeira conceived and constructed specifically for the embroidery industry.

This firm is visited by approximately 120,000 tourists annually, as well as by students of various schools on study visits who thus have the educational opportunity to get to know each of the different manufacturing phases of Madeira Embroidery and in this way to understand better its present and historical significance and consequently, to value it.

Besides local sales in our shop, which represents about 70% of our production, the company still keeps the tradition of exporting our famous embroideries, with exclusive designs, to a variety of countries.

The main destinations of our exports are:  Portugal, Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Angola, Japan, the United States of America and Bermuda, among others.

On june 7th. 1983, a Commendation of Industrial Merit was awarded to the founder partner, João de Deus Magno Gouveia, by the President of the Portuguese Republic at the time, General António Ramalho Eanes, of recognition by the Portuguese State of a life dedicated to the Madeira Embroidery Industry, which has exported the name of the island to the four corners of the world, via its finest and most exclusive Embroideries.

Articles sold by this company are the following: table sets, tablecloths, place mats, tray cloths, table napkins, tea towels, bread cloths, perfume bags; cocktail cloths; linen and cotton blouses; cotton handkerchiefs for Men and Ladies; Bed linen sets and pillow slips in linen and cotton; Children’s bed linen sets, pillow slips and bibs; Christening dresses and towels; Hand towels in various sizes, etc.

Tapestries: a variety of wall hangings; handbags; bell pulls; seat covers, etc.

Large variety of Products that can be purchased:

-Table Wear:

Rectangular – Ovals – Squares – Rounds

Tablecloths Sets – Tea Tablecloths – Luncheon Sets – Dollies – Places Mats

Runners – Napkins – Coasters

Cocktails – Bread Covers – Smell Bags – Napkin Rings, among others.

-Bed Wear

Bed Sheets – Sheet Sets – Dressing Table Sets – Bed Covers – Pillowcases – Boudoirs

-Ladies Wear

Handkerchiefs – Ladies Purses – Blouses – Jackets – Night Dresses

-Baby and Children Wear

Baby Bed sheets – Bibs – Christening Dresses – Baby Sets – Baby Pillow cases – Dresses


Large range of Pictures from famous painters – Madeira Views – Flowers Pictures – Bell Pulls

Purses – Cushions – Tramé

On Basement

Several ages of Madeira Wine – Madeira Liquors – Hand Painted Ceramics

Hand Painted Tiles – Souvenirs

Thank you very much for your Visit.

Patricio & Gouveia, Sucrs. Ltd.

Viscount Anadia Street, No. 34

9050-020 Funchal

Tel.: 00351 291 220 801

Fax: 00351 291 220 898


Point of Sale

Visconde de Anadia, 33

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